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King of the Pippins Apple Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to King of the Pippins apples

About the King of the Pippins apple

Originating in France around 1770, the Reine des Reinette as it's called in French, is known for its versatility in cooking. It has golden-yellow with orange-red and red stripes on its skin, while having a juicy white flesh and a bit acidic. It ripens in the fall around September and October and is available in the fall and winter seasons. When stored for two weeks after harvest, King of Pippins has a nutty flavor of almond. It can also be kept up to three months in cool storage. 

King of Pippins is one of the oldest apples that are still grown from their original form, so there's a bit of history and controversy as to where it came from. Holland and England have also mentioned the apple originated in their respective countries, but most seem to agree the apple came from France or was brought to France earlier.

Apples contain important nutrients, and King of the Pippins has soluble fiber, which helps with heart disease and cholesterol. It also contains insoluble fiber, which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. The apple's skin contains important vitamins like C, K, and A, along with potassium. Apples have become an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can also keep hunger at bay by snacking on one.

With a variety of choices available, King of the Pippins can be a difficult variety of apple to find in the U.S. since it is most popular elsewhere. The apple is mostly grown in its native Europe and hasn't commercialized well in the U.S. People can still grow this variety at home, though the plant takes about 10 years to mature and can last about one hundred years. King of the Pippins apple can also be found in markets or grocery stores when available. 

King of the Pippins is a classic apple from Europe that has been cooked in a variety of ways, being used in cider, vinegar, sauces, jellies, pies, other desserts, or canned. 

In France, Tarte Tatin is a recipe that uses King of the Pippins. The apples hold well during caramelization, and its natural tart flavor is tasted in the pie. Simply make a caramel sauce, add the apples, and cook the apples until caramelized. Cover with a pie crust and bake for twenty minutes. Cool for about twenty minutes and flip over. Serve with ice cream or another sweet cream. 

The classic apple pie is perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or when it's time to have some warm dessert. Use your favorite apple and spices to bake the pie. King of the Pippins brings in sweetness and tartness, which is a great balance for the pie. 

You can also fry the apples on a pan. Just add butter, then sugar, and cinnamon. Once melted, add the sliced apples and stir until cooked. This should take about six to nine minutes. The sugar and butter added with the apples will create a sweet sauce that covers the apples. 

King of the Pippins Apple Near Me

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FAQs About King of the Pippins Apple

Since this variety is European, there are different names to the apple, depending on the country. King of the Pippins is called Reine des Reinette in France, Gold Parmane in Germany, Kroon Renet in the Netherlands, and Golden Winter Pearmain in England.

This apple is highly regarded for making cider, especially for its smaller size.

Bake whole King of the Pippins apples as they hold well through cooking. Hollow the center of the apples and remove the core and flesh. Crush some walnuts or your favorite nuts and mix with honey, butter, cinnamon, and favorite spices. Put a little water in a casserole dish and place the apples inside. Fill the apples with the mixture of nuts and spices with a little extra honey and butter, then place the tops of the apples back. Bake for about half an hour.

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