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The Instacart guide to clams

About clams

Clams are a type of seafood that many people enjoy eating raw or cooked. Clams are prized in the culinary scene and bring a lot of flavor to dishes, whether alone or as part of a recipe. Clam is the common name for several types of bivalve mollusks who spend most of their lives buried under the ocean sands or riverbeds. Clams have two shells of equal size that are connected by two abductor muscles. There are more than 15,000 known species of bivalves, of which only about 500 live in fresh water; the rest live in the ocean.

There are a variety of edible clams belonging to different families. There's the Northern Quahog, Littleneck clam, and Hard-shell clam, which belong to the Venus clam family. The Northern Quahog is fished on the East Coast, while the Southern Quahog comes from from the West Indies to Chesapeake Bay. The Soft-shell clam is a common ingredient in soups, as is the Coquina clam, which is found from the Gulf of Mexico to Virginia. Thousands of clams that vary in color, size, and shape are found worldwide, and each country has its own regional variety. 

Clams can be bought fresh, frozen, canned, and already prepared with spices and herbs. Given their high protein content and the fact that they contain virtually no harmful fats, the clam is a healthful seafood that can be prepared in a wide array of dishes. 

We'll go over the regional clam favorites in the United States to understand the differences in flavor, where they're found, and some cooking tips for the clam in general. If you're looking to buy some clams for dinner tonight, head to the Instacart app, and in the seafood section, select the clams you want. Place them in your cart and complete your purchase. An Instacart shopper will head to the store, get your items, and deliver them within the same day!

Clams are full of rich vitamins and minerals like iron and vitamin B and have a unique bouncy and chewy bite that is unique to clams. This seafood has long been enjoyed by indigenous people of North America who ate them and used their shells to symbolize status and wealth. The abundance of clams in the United States makes them genuine American seafood that is inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

The following clam types are the ones you are most likely to encounter in the U.S.:
  • Quahog clams: These are abundant on the East Coast and are named Cherrystone, Topneck, Littleneck, Countneck, and Chowder after their different shell size and widths. For example, the Chowder clams are small and are best suited for the traditional chowder recipe.
  • Steamer clams (also known as soft-shells): These are found along the New England coast. These are famously fished in Ipswich, Massachusets, where they're shucked and fried whole. The other way to prepare them is by steaming and serving them with clarified butter and on the side.
  • Manila clams: One of the most cultivated clams globally, these hard-shell clams are small and sweet. They are also known as steamer clams on the West Coast, where they are most commonly eaten steamed. 
  • Geoduck: The Pacific Geoduck, or giant clam, is found in the Pacific Northwest up to Canada and Alaska. Not as common as other clams, this clam's chewy meat is popular in high-end restaurants.
  • Pacific Razor: This type of clam is found all along the west coast and has the shape of a razor.
  • Atlantic Razor: Like it's Pacific cousin, this type of clam has a razor-like shape but is thinner and more delicate.

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FAQs About Clams

A: Freeze the clams for 20 minutes, remove them from the freezer and let them sit for a few minutes before trying to open the shells. These will naturally open as they warm up.

A: Yes, clams can be reheated in the microwave for 35 seconds at a time until warm.
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