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FAQs about Samba papayas

Papayas, in general, are loaded with nutrients. As indicated by its yellow-orange flesh, papayas are high in beta-carotene, and vitamin A. Samba papayas have lots of vitamin C, contain B-complex vitamins, and have essential minerals such as folate, calcium, and potassium. Samba papayas have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as the enzyme papain. Papain helps to aid in digestion by breaking down protein in the intestinal tract.

Samba papayas are so versatile you can eat them in different ways every day. Fresh-cut, ripe Samba papaya is delicious eaten as-is with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The acid from the lime juice helps to create a sweet and acid balance. Cubed ripe Samba papaya pieces add a lovely touch to green or fruit salads. Add chunks of frozen papaya to smoothies with banana for a frosty tropical delight.

Use the dried papaya seeds to make a salad dressing with a zesty, peppery flavor. In Southeastern Asia, people use green papayas to make a uniquely flavored cold salad called som tam. Grate the flesh from an unripe green Samba papaya, and combine it with grated carrot, sliced green onion, and cucumber. Then, toss the salad with a dressing made from lime juice, fish sauce, shrimp paste, and sweet chili sauce.