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The Instacart guide to papayas

Feel like you're on a tropical vacation when you eat sweet, juicy papayas. Papayas come in several varieties and are one of the world's most widely produced tropical fruits. The majority of papayas, also known as pawpaw in Australia and the Caribbean islands, are grown in Mexico, Hawaii, South America, Central America, India, and other subtropical regions of the world. This delicious fruit is best eaten as is, with a splash of lime juice, added to salads, or blended into fruit smoothies. 

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FAQs about papayas

There are numerous varieties of papayas, and each one has a slightly different flavor, texture, and unique characteristics. The most common varieties you can find in the market include:
  • Hawaiian Sunrise Papaya: This popular papaya has beautiful orange flesh with a delightful flavor. The flavors are a mixture of peaches, melons, and berries.
  • Hawaiian Sunset Papaya: Like its larger cousin, the Hawaiian Sunset is a much smaller dwarf variety, with a star-shaped interior and a longer shelf life. 
  • Golden Papaya: This is the common papaya you'll find in most supermarkets. The flesh is sweet, juicy, versatile, and great as a breakfast treat, in salads, and in smoothies. 
  • Tainung Papaya: One of the most common papayas you'll find is the Tainung papaya. This fruit has yellow skin with lots of green mottling. This flesh is salmon-colored with a sweet and mild flavor. The large black seeds are ideal for making papaya seed salad dressing. 
  • Maradol Papaya: Grown primarily in Mexico, this common papaya has bright orange flesh with a slight, distinct, musky scent. Slice or cube the fruit and squeeze a bit of lime juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper for the ultimate flavor experience. 
  • Strawberry Papaya: This small-sized papaya has one of the sweetest flavors of all the other papaya varieties. The fruit taste like a combination of peach and melon and a little squeeze of lime will add a touch of acid to enhance the flavor of this papaya fruit.
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