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Banana Squash Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to banana squash

About banana squash

With so many types of squash available in your local grocery store's produce department, choosing one or even knowing the differences between them can be challenging. Banana squash is a unique variety that isn't always widely available. Its large size, ranging from 2 to 3 feet long with about a 6-inch diameter, makes it a difficult squash variety for many stores to stock. It's more readily available in the western part of the United States, where it predominantly grows.

Banana squash is sold whole, as well as packaged and sliced, in grocery stores and at farmers' markets. Selling it pre-sliced makes it much easier for groceries to store. Another reason stores find stocking whole banana squash challenging is that it can weigh up to 35 pounds, which is comparable to the weight of a toddler.

If you purchase a whole banana squash, you'll find the center full of seeds when you slice it open. While banana squash is a winter squash and has a peak season lasting from fall through winter, you can get it year-round. This type of squash originates in South America, mainly near Peru, and it arrived in North America around 1893.

Use the Instacart app to browse your local grocery store options to find one that offers banana squash. You can put a whole banana squash in your cart or look for precut options that are quick and easy to prepare. Either way, an Instacart shopper will gladly deliver your order to you in as little as 2 hours!

The rind of most banana squash is a soft, creamy color, but other varieties do exist. You can also find what's referred to as pink banana squash as well as a rainbow variety that has a striped rind. Inside, the squash's flesh is a bright orange color with a firm texture. As with most squash, banana squash tastes best when cooked. It offers a slightly sweet flavor that's rich and earthy. The rind is very thick, which can make it difficult to slice. However, it protects the inner flesh, ensuring that your squash stays fresh.

When you download the Instacart app, you can put a whole or precut banana squash in your cart for same-day delivery by an Instacart shopper! They'll do their best to provide you with a savory banana squash you can add to your next meal.

Banana Squash Near Me

Buy your favorite banana squash online with Instacart. Order banana squash from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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