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The Instacart guide to matsutake mushrooms

About matsutake mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms, also known as pine mushrooms, are a highly sought ingredient in Japanese cuisine and a flavorful addition to many dishes. They range from white to brown with a meaty texture that is slightly dry. The top cap surface is smooth, and the stem is short and broad. It is known for its unique spicy and fresh aroma. Some describe its distinctive flavor as akin to cinnamon, cedar, pine, or even similar to red hots when used in cooking. Matsutake mushrooms are easy to harvest but require specific growing conditions, forming a symbiotic relationship with pines, that make availability of the flavorful mushroom limited. They grow abundantly in Washington but can also be located in Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California. The limited availability increases its price, particularly in Asian markets, making the matsutake mushroom one of the most expensive mushrooms on the market. 

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FAQs About Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin B. They are a good source of protein and provide the body with copper, potassium, selenium, and zinc. Matsutake mushrooms are low in both saturated and unsaturated fats. When included as a healthy ingredient in your diet, they serve as a rich source of fiber that can help to stimulate proper digestion and may relieve symptoms of constipation. 

Because this mushroom is so rare and beloved in many different cuisines, you will want to make sure you use it before it spoils. If there is not an opportunity to add it into a recipe, you can easily preserve the matsutake mushroom for later consumption by freezing it. You must freeze the mushroom before it shows signs of aging, such as bruising and wilting. This will preserve both the flavor and nutritional value of the mushroom.

It is best to freeze the mushroom by slicing or dicing it and placing it in an airtight container or freezer bag. You can also freeze the mushroom whole if that is your preference. Ensure whole mushrooms are not wet, then wrap them loosely in aluminum foil to protect from freezer burn, place them in your freezer bag or another freezer-safe container, and store them in your freezer. Matsutake mushrooms can be frozen safely for up to a year. 

Matsutake mushrooms have a very pungent odor and strong flavor when compared to other mushrooms. You should not use them interchangeably in other recipes to substitute for other mushrooms, and they do not mix well with dairy. Refrain from sauteing them in butter or including them in a dish with cheese. 

Matsutake are traditionally used in broths. However, because of their strong scent, add them at the end of the cooking process right before serving instead of boiling them along with the other ingredients. This will also help the mushrooms retain their meaty texture. They also pair well with fish and other seafood. The matsutake mushroom can be consumed either raw or cooked and tastes delicious lightly grilled. If you are eating them raw, try drizzling some high-quality nut oil and lightly season with some sea salt and pepper. 
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