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The Instacart guide to red grapes

About red grapes

Grapes are a type of fruit that grows in clusters on a vine and can vary in color, including black, blue, green, red, pink, or purple. What are known as "white" grapes are actually green and are derived from the red grape.

Technically a berry, grapes are a fruit high in sugar containing about 23 grams of sugar per cup. However, red grapes carry some important nutritional benefits and have been used for ages to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are a versatile fruit that can be included in many dishes for added nutrition and flavor. Hearty in cold and warm temperatures, grapes are a staple in most kitchens and have a wide range of use since they come in more than 80 varieties. 

Following are some types of red grapes:
  • Organic Red Seedless Grapes: Also known as flame red seedless grapes, these are mildly tart, sweet, and juicy. They are a typical choice to accompany sandwiches.
  • Camposol Globe Shaped Red Seedless Grapes: These are a super-sweet variety with a flavor comparable to strawberries.
  • Ruby Seedless Grapes: This variety is slightly smaller than the flame grapes and has a deeper, richer color and a crisper texture.
  • Moon Drop Grapes: Moon drop grapes are oblong, resembling tiny eggplants, and are a great addition to a cheese plate. They are naturally sweet and juicy with a delightful crunch.
  • Red Muscato Grapes: These are known for their sweet taste and floral undernotes. They have a slight rose flavor and make great candied grapes.

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FAQs About Red Grapes

Red grapes are high in antioxidants, which help the cardiovascular system. The flavonoids and polyphenols have been known to relax blood vessels and reduce overall inflammation. They are also high in vitamin C, a vital antioxidant to ensure connective tissue health. Additionally, red grapes provide more than a quarter of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin needed for blood clotting and healthy bone development and maintenance. 

Red grapes can be frozen and added to drinks to replace the ice. They keep beverages cold and add some nutrition to your drinks. You can also snack on them for a cold treat on a hot day or blend them in a blender or food processor for a frosted smoothie or slushie. Many people add frozen grapes into their morning shakes to boost sweetness and provide an added layer of flavor. 

Most people tend to use red grapes raw as a snack or as a crunchy, sweet ingredient in salads. Some choose to use red grapes for their crunch and sweetness in a chicken salad or a Waldorf salad. However, red grapes can also be roasted and served warm with a light blister and a delightful caramelization. The warmth sweetens and deepens their rich flavor. 

Red grapes can also be added onto a kabob and cooked on the grill. They pair well with chicken, pork, and shrimp. Some people like to use their sweetness as an alternative to figs and pair them with red meat. Red grapes can also be used in salsa to brighten the flavors and balance spices. They can also be used in jams, jellies, compotes, sauces, and relishes for a wide variety of applications.
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