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The Instacart guide to pork riblets

About pork riblets

When you're looking for the perfect backyard barbecue appetizer, consider grilling up a rack of pork riblets. These tasty morsels are similar to pork spareribs but smaller. The riblets are smaller pieces of ribs that come from a full rack of spare ribs. Because they're smaller in size, they're easier to eat, perfect for finger food, and when slathered in zingy barbecue sauce, pork riblets are a true crowd-pleaser.

Pork spareribs come from the lower part of the hog's rib cage, where the ribs wrap around the belly and attach to the sternum. Butchers cut pork ribs lengthways that results in two slabs of ribs. Then, these ribs are cut to make smaller pieces called riblets. Riblets and rib tips are slightly different as rib tips don't have any bone parts in them. Rib tips come from butchers trimming off the meaty tips when making St. Louis-style ribs.

Before riblets became popular, butchers often discarded the bony parts trimmed from pork spareribs. Once consumers caught on that riblets make fantastic appetizers, butchers started selling them to happy customers. Today, riblets are affordable, easy to cook, and easy to eat.

What do these little riblet morsels taste like? Pork meat is quite sweet, but similar to pork spareribs, the taste of pork riblets depends on the type of rub or sauce applied to the riblets when they're smoked, grilled, or baked in the oven. Because of their small size and the fact that they have bones in them, the texture of pork riblets varies with each piece. There are parts of the riblets that have succulent meat and other parts that have crunchy tips and ends. When the barbecue sauce is cooked properly, it will caramelize on the meat, creating a sweet and tangy addictive taste.

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