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The Instacart guide to chorizo

About chorizo

Chorizo is a cured pork sausage popular in Mexican and Spanish cooking. It's spicy with a rich flavor that is delicious whether you have it on its own or use it to complement other foods such as fish, vegetables, or other meat. The richness of the fatty pork in chorizo is cut with the sweet and smokey flavor of paprika in Spanish versions, while Mexican chorizo has chili peppers, coriander, cloves, cumin, and cinnamon along with the paprika. 

Chorizo falls into two main categories, and both have a unique blend of flavors. 
Most Mexican chorizo comes fresh and raw. It's usually made with ground pork, and although it is sometimes briefly fermented, it is rarely cured. You can find it in a casing similar to regular sausage, but you can't eat the casing, and it needs to be removed before cooking. Use the Instacart app to find Mexican chorizo to add to your next meal!
Spanish chorizo looks much like salami or pepperoni. It is dry-cured, with lots of bold flavors and a smokey taste. You can find Spanish chorizo in varieties ranging from mild to very spicy. It does not need any further cooking — just slice and enjoy. Spanish chorizo also comes wrapped in a casing. It is sometimes edible, but if it's white and chalky, peel it off before eating.

When you look at Spanish chorizo, it will have fat pockets. These are a sign of quality and add great flavor to the sausage. These fat pockets are the reason you don't want to cook it at high temperatures or for a long time because it will melt out the fat. 

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FAQs About Chorizo

Chorizo is Mexican or Spanish pork with a distinctly different flavor from Italian or breakfast sausage. The big difference is the chilies, the pork, and the vinegar. The tangy flavor of chorizo comes from the mixture of ingredients and the fermenting process. Italian sausage is what many people are familiar with. It's made from pork seasoned with garlic, red pepper, fennel, or anise seeds. It comes either sweet or spicy, with more red pepper added to make it spicy.

The two different types of chorizo are not interchangeable, and neither one is interchangeable with sausage.

You can tell that Mexican chorizo is fully cooked when it's brown on the bottom and bubbly on the top. You'll notice the grease starting to separate when it's done. At this point, you can continue to cook it if you want to make sure it's really done. Keep cooking it until it is more brown than red.

If you want to make Mexican chorizo at home, you can mix ground pork, chili powder, paprika, oregano, cinnamon, ground cloves, ground cumin, salt, garlic, and white vinegar in a bowl. Fry it all up in a large skillet over medium heat, making sure to break up the pork as you cook it. 

Instacart makes it easy to find chorizo or all the ingredients you need to make it. You can even plan a last-minute dinner party and get what you need delivered the same day!

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