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The Instacart guide to chicken feet 

About chicken feet

Considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, chicken feet are consumed much like chicken wings or added to stock. When used in stock, approximately one pound of feet will give you about a quart of stock. Since they contain no actual muscle, chicken feet are all skin, cartilage, bones, and tendons. If you're not used to eating the feet whole, it can be an acquired taste. With the right amount of seasonings, the feet are very tasty. When cooked down, they release a gelatinous texture, which is very popular in Asian dishes.

They're also served as street food or festive dishes in Mexico, Jamaica, and Trinidad, where they're deep-fried and served with different types of sauces. It's important to note that most people don't eat the bones; they eat the feet much like any type of bone-in chicken and eat around the bones.

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FAQs About Chicken Feet

One of the main health-related benefits of eating chicken feet is having a clear complexion. Chicken feet contain roughly 70% collagen, which is an ingredient for youthful-looking skin. Collagen can also remove cellulite, reduce wrinkles, and increase bone formation. 

Chicken feet are also rich in calcium and protein, as two chicken feet have 14 grams of protein. Most of their fat content comes from the skin, which is typically removed for cooking. They're also a good source of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, both of which can help with aging, particularly in minimizing arthritis and joint pain. Chicken feet are also high in riboflavin, which helps the body convert food into fuel to produce energy.

If you prepare the chicken feet in a broth, it's believed that drinking the broth can boost your metabolism, help with digestion, reduce inflammation, and detox your liver.

If you're not quite ready to use your uncleaned chicken feet, you can keep them in the refrigerator for up to two days. Once you've cleaned them, you can store them in your freezer. Make sure you properly wrap them to protect them from freezer burn. They can keep in the freezer for up to nine months.
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