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About loganberries

Loganberries were created by James Harvey Logan in 1881 at his home in Santa Cruz, California. Loganberries are a cross between blackberry and raspberry. Most people don't know that this was a happy accident that occurred when Logan attempted to cross two blackberry varieties to create a superior blackberry. He unwittingly planted his blackberry plants next to old 'Red Antwerp' raspberry plants, which flowered and fruited. After planting the seeds from these cross-bred plants, two plants emerged, the Mammoth blackberry and the loganberry.

While the loganberry originated in California, its base of cultivation now resides in New England and the Pacific Northwest regions of the United States. The labor-intensive harvesting process and short shelf life have effectively limited large-scale production.

The loganberry grows on brambles similar to blackberry vines. The berries range in size up to 4 centimeters thick and have the long cone-like form of a raspberry yet the solid core of a blackberry. As they ripen, they turn a deep red color like wine and eventually a dark purple. Loganberries have a tartness to them and only a slight sweetness but have the pleasant aroma of raspberries.

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FAQs About Loganberries

When creating savory dishes, the loganberry pairs well with the gamey meats like venison, bison, and veal. Loganberries also go well with duck, Cornish hen, goose, and turkey. They are a perfect addition to your fruit salad or can grace the top of your fresh green salad. 

Loganberries play nice with spices like basil and fennel, and you can emulsify them with these herbs and a little balsamic vinegar to create a zesty salad dressing or marinade. Macerating them for extended periods in vinegar, liquor, or wine will infuse their flavor into the primary ingredient, resulting in an excellent cocktail, sangria, or dressing.

Loganberries are rich in vitamins C, E, K, B5, and A. They are an excellent source of manganese, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, calcium, and potassium. Loganberries also have small amounts of copper and sodium. Many of these nutrients are antioxidants that scientists believe help prevent certain types of cancer, promote a healthy heart, and combat various diseases. 

Loganberries are excellent for many baked dishes and desserts. You can add loganberries to corn muffins, breakfast muffins, or bake a crumble like you would with apples and peaches. Other popular recipes include macerating loganberries and swirling them into the cake batter before baking or topping your favorite cheesecake with the same mixture. 

Besides baking, you can add pureed loganberries to your favorite ice cream recipe or make a sweet sauce to top off your ice cream sundae. Mixing them with your morning smoothie makes for a light and refreshing drink, or you can blend them into your favorite milkshake for a decadent drink.
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