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The Instacart guide to currants

Did you know there are a variety of raisins to choose from and enjoy? Currants are raisins made from the grape variety Corinth. They are basically small raisins that are smaller than dried grapes and can be of colors white, black, pink, or red depending on the Corinth type used. True currants grow in shrubs and are small berries that resemble more gooseberries than grapes.

Currants are part of the Ribes family of shrubs that grow well in northern climates with colder winters and not too hot summers. They are well-known in Europe and Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands have a lot of these available. In the United States, many varieties are native to the country. The fresh berries are not the ones which are used to sell in the stores. Currants are a grape variety that is very similar to raisins.

The flavor profile of currants is that of a bright acidic flavor, with the berries being sweet. When eaten fresh off the shrub, their flavor is delicious. If you can buy fresh, these can be found at farmers' markets or specialty stores. Not only can they be eaten fresh, but currants can also be enjoyed dried or preserved, which gives them other distinct flavors. Since these are smaller than regular raisins, they have a more intense flavor with a good amount of tannins.

The health benefits of currants include being a great source of fiber which is important for digestion. They also have a high level of manganese which is important for the central nervous system, and has a good amount of copper which helps promote iron absorption. They also have plenty of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Currants, like regular raisins, provide a low amount of calories and antioxidants. In traditional medicine, there's some evidence that suggests they have anti-inflammatory properties.

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FAQs about currants

Currants can be used like blueberries or raspberries in dessert recipes like pies and tarts, along with puddings and sorbets. Add them in salads or eat them as is.

Currants are usually made into a sauce to pair with venison or lamb. Since they naturally have acidity and pectin, they make good jellies and sauces.