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The Instacart guide to strawberries

About strawberries

Known for their deliciously sweet taste, bright red color, and succulent texture, strawberries are a popular household staple, and for good reason. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, making them a heart-healthy snack for anyone looking for a nutritious treat. A  single cup serving of strawberries contains fewer than 50 calories, approximately three grams of dietary fiber, and more vitamin C than an orange.

Because strawberries are relatively easy to grow in any climate, they are harvested all over the world. Of all the countries, the United States ranks first in strawberry production, with the top producing states being California, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. You may find that your strawberries taste slightly different depending on which region they are grown in. There are three types of strawberry plants from which berries are commonly harvested.
  • June-bearing: This type of strawberry plant is only harvested once a year, typically during the month of June. They produce buds in the fall which transform into flowers and fruits the following summer. Warmer climates tend to produce strawberries at an earlier date.
  • Ever-bearing: This type of plant forms buds during the summer and fall, resulting in a strawberry harvest the following spring. They can start producing berries as soon as there are 12 hours of continuous daylight.
  • Day-neutral: A day-neutral plant will produce fruit continuously throughout the season until the first frost hits. They have three peak periods, which usually take place in early June, mid-July, and late August.

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FAQs About Strawberries

Depending on how you choose to preserve them, strawberries can last anywhere from two days at room temperature to a year when frozen and stored properly. 

The size of a strawberry should not affect its taste. Factors like growing conditions, stage of ripeness when harvested, and the region of growth typically influence the flavor. 

In addition to being enjoyed on their own, there are a number of desserts that call for strawberries as an ingredient. 
  • Strawberry cakes: A classic dessert that's been around for ages, strawberry cakes can be as simple as miniature shortcakes, or as decadent as a layered cake.
  • Strawberry pies: A favorite for holidays and gatherings, strawberry pies combine the taste of sweet, ripe berries with traditional pie crust.
  • Strawberry jams and jellies: Making homemade jams and jellies is a popular use of strawberries, loved by people of all ages.
  • Strawberry smoothies: Blend a handful of strawberries with another fruit of your choice for a sweet and healthy treat. Banana-strawberry shakes are a popular choice. This is a great way to use up your frozen strawberries!
Some people enjoy adding strawberries to popular breakfast foods like cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles. Others opt to sweeten their salads through the addition of a tasty fruit like strawberries. Though a bit unconventional, those with adventurous culinary palettes may incorporate strawberries into dinner dishes.
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