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About Vidalia onions

Like champagne only comes from the Champagne province of France and bourbon only from Bourbon County, Kentucky, Vidalia onions are sweet onions that can only be grown in Vidalia, Georgia, or one of the other 19 counties designated by the Vidalia Onion Act of 1986. Vidalia is a trademarked name given to a certain species of onion. The Georgia soil and climate lend themselves well to growing Vidalia onions.

Vidalia onions were first discovered by accident in 1931. After a farmer found that his onions weren't as hot as usual and had a sweetness to them, he began marketing them as such. By the 1940s, you could find Vidalia onions on the shelves of grocery stores. In 1990, the Vidalia onion was named Georgia's state vegetable.

All Vidalia onions are sweet onions. You can identify a Vidalia onion by its flat, oblong shape and golden-blush skin. It's said that the Vidalia onion gets its sweetness from the low-sulfur soil in the Georgia counties it's grown in. The taste of a Vidalia onion is described as a more mildly sweet flavor. These onions are less pungent than other onions, which means less crying for those cutting into them. The Vidalia onion's weaker bite makes it a versatile ingredient that can add flavor to a meal without taking over its flavor profile.

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