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The Instacart guide to arrowroot

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FAQs about arrowroot

No, arrowroot powder and cornstarch are not the same. However, you can use arrowroot powder in place of cornstarch in many applications. Typically, you can use two teaspoons of arrowroot powder in place of one tablespoon of cornstarch.

Arrowroot powder outperforms cornstarch in many ways. It doesn't add the same cloudy appearance that cornstarch does, and it has no taste. Arrowroot powder also contains more calcium and dietary fiber than cornstarch.

Arrowroot powder can replace flour in small quantities when you're using flour to coat fries or thicken sauces. In this application, you would use one teaspoon of arrowroot powder to replace one tablespoon of wheat flour.

You can use arrowroot powder and other flours to make gluten-free recipes lighter and airier, but you should not replace these other flours entirely. Incorporate just a small amount of arrowroot powder to help the ingredients bind together and produce a gluten-free bread that's not as dense as other options.

Stored at room temperature in a sealed container, arrowroot powder stays good for about three to four years. After this time, the arrowroot powder won't spoil or make you sick, but it will lose its effectiveness, and you'll find that it no longer has the same impact on your sauces, gravies, and baked goods. You do not need to refrigerate arrowroot powder, even after it's opened.

You can order arrowroot powder, starch, and flour products easily through Instacart. Get arrowroot powder and all the other ingredients you need to make a satisfying gravy, rich pie, fluffy gluten-free biscuits, or a freezer-ready casserole with just a few clicks. Order through the Instacart website or Instacart app, and you can arrange for store pickup or home delivery the same day!