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The Instacart guide to Vienna sausage

Canned Sausage Near Me

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FAQs about Vienna sausage

Vienna sausage has an incredible shelf life while in the can, lasting up to 5 years. They must be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight for best results. Adding Vienna sausage to your pantry doesn't come with the same risk as other canned food. Whether you are stocking up for the zombie apocalypse or just want to keep a few on hand for snacks, the Vienna sausage is a no-brainer.

Each can have an expiration date or use-by date, either on the label or stamped onto the can's top or bottom. With any use-by date, you should be careful about eating the contents after this date.

Besides reading the can's date, you can give Vienna sausage the good old-fashioned eye test. Any discoloration is a sign that it is bad. Discoloration, usually a gray tint to begin, is a sign that oxidation has occurred. Even in canned meat, there are mistakes made during the packing process. Storing Vienna sausage improperly can also lead to spoilage. If it smells sour or otherwise makes you wince with a sniff, don't eat it.