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The Instacart guide to coffee creamers

If you're a coffee-lover, there's a good chance you've added coffee creamer to your coffee. While this is a big no-no for coffee purists, the truth is that coffee creamer changes the texture of coffee by making it thicker, more velvety, and more palatable. Without coffee creamers, some people find coffee a harsh and bitter experience. Therefore, those who use coffee creamers do so because it softens the bitterness in coffee, which it does by binding to the tannins in coffee. Coffee creamer lightens and sweetens coffee, and this simply makes it an enjoyable experience for many people. 

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FAQs about coffee creamer

It depends. Some coffee creamers are very high in calories, fat, and sugar, so you should definitely check the label. If you use it sparingly in your morning cup of coffee, you should be okay. But if you're using enough to make your coffee look like a milkshake, you might want to reconsider your coffee creamer of choice. Think about measuring out your creamer instead of pouring it directly into your coffee. This will help you determine exactly how many grams of fat and sugar, as well as the number of calories you're actually consuming. 

Did you know that coffee is acidic? If you combine high-temperature coffee with coffee creamer that may be fast approaching the end of its shelf life,  you have the perfect situation for curdled creamer. This is true of both dairy and non-dairy creamers. If you notice this happening frequently, no matter how old your creamer is, it's probably the coffee rather than the creamer. If the coffee creamer is nearing its expiration date, then it's probably not a great idea to drink it. But if it's liquid non-dairy creamer that hasn't gone past the use-by date, it should be safe to drink despite the appearance of curdling. 

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