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FAQs about chervil

Chervil is an herb that adds a delicate flavor to any dish. The flavors of chervil most favorably complement egg dishes, so think about adding chervil to your morning omelet. You can also prepare a chervil soup called Kerbelsuppe.

If you're making a salad, you can add fresh chervil to your mix, or you can incorporate chervil into your dressing. Pluck some leaves from your chervil bundle and add these leaves to some white wine or cider vinegar. After letting the mixture steep for several weeks, add some fresh chervil leaves and pour over your favorite salad for a refreshing, herbal flavor. Chervil also complements seafood, tomatoes, peas, potatoes, and the brings out the sweetness of carrots. Add chervil to your dishes for a subtle, sophisticated taste that can enhance a variety of foods.

Chervil comes in bundles, but it will usually need to be plucked apart when used in recipes. The entire bundle of chervil is usable, not just the leaves, so simply pull the bunch apart in small pieces to add to your dishes.

Be careful when cooking with chervil. This delicate herb can easily lose its flavor if added to a dish too early. If you're cooking a filet of dish or a piece of poultry, don't add the chervil until the very end. If you add it too early, the flavor will cook out of the herb and you'll be left with little to no flavor to enjoy. For this reason, chervil is sometimes best used as a garnish.