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The Instacart guide to sweet corn

About sweet corn

Sweet corn on the cob helps define summer barbecues. Eating boiled or grilled sweet corn on the cob dripping with butter is a delightful treat. Sweet corn also goes well in salads, side dishes, or added to soups. Sweet corn, Zea Mays Saccharata, is in the grass family and is used as a grain. You can find sweet corn in three color variations: yellow, white, or bi-colored. Corn grows as ears inside a husk with a silky tassel that grows from the top of the ear of corn.

Inside of the husk, the corn has densely packed rows of kernels. When freshly harvested, sweet corn has a delicate almond flavor and is very juicy and sweet tasting. Eat fresh sweet corn as soon as possible as the sugar begins to convert to starch soon after harvest.

Sweet corn differs in several ways from field corn that you see growing in vast fields throughout the Midwest. Field corn doesn't have the same sugar content that sweet corn has, and it tends to be dry and starchy. Field corn is closely related to maize which has been grown throughout Mexico and Mesoamerica for over 8,000 years.

About 1,000 years ago, a mutation of maize appeared in Brazil, and this mutation was much sweeter and palatable. Cultivators over the centuries have taken this sweet corn mutation and created sweeter, juicer variations that you'll find in the store or farmers market today. Corn normally ripens in the middle of summer until late summer, depending on the region it's grown in.

Whether you want fresh, frozen, or canned sweet corn, enjoy the convenience of having it delivered to your home when you order sweet corn through Instacart. Simply shop the Instacart website for sweet corn, add it to your order, and an Instacart shopper will deliver it to your home on the same day!

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Buy your favorite sweet corn online with Instacart. Order sweet corn from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Sweet Corn

While all three varieties of sweet corn have a high nutritional level, yellow corn has the highest vitamin A levels because of its large amounts of beta carotene. Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eye development, and select cultivators are growing corn with very high vitamin A levels to give to developing nations where blindness regularly occurs. Sweet corn also contains small amounts of protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates, vitamin C, and trace elements.

If you can, dunk sweet corn on the cob into boiling water within three hours of harvest for the sweetest corn you'll taste. Even after being stored for a few days, the corn will still retain its sweetness and crisp kernels. You can grill corn on the cob, scrape the kernels, add them raw to salads, or cook them slightly and serve them as a side dish. Make tasty cornbread muffins by adding a handful of fresh corn kernels to the batter before baking the muffins.

Creamed corn makes a wonderful side dish for pork dishes and to serve at holiday meals. Impress your friends at your next Mexican cuisine night by making a black bean and corn salad. Spice up the salad with fresh cilantro, sweet white onions, chopped jalapeno pepper, and fresh lime juice.
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