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The Instacart guide to Bettina papayas

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FAQs about Bettina papayas

Bettina papaya helps improve digestion, reduces bloating, and eases constipation because of its high water content. Papaya encourages regular bowel activity and could lower the risk of colon cancer. Papaya may also help lower the A1C if you have type two diabetes. Studies have found that papaya has a hypoglycemic effect which will decrease blood sugar levels. 

Bettina papaya is great for losing weight because it is low in calories and has little-to-no fat. Papaya is full of fiber which satisfies your hunger and keeps you feeling full longer. This effectively means you will likely be eating fewer calories overall.

The flesh of a Bettina papaya can exfoliate the skin. Cut a thin slice of your papaya and gently rub the flesh across your skin and face to remove any dead skin cells. Wait a few minutes before rinsing the papaya juice from your skin. This process will moisturize and soften the skin helping to reduce skin spots and signs of aging. 

After a sunburn, you can apply papaya to the affected area to relieve pain and repair skin. Crush a ripened papaya with a fork until it becomes a soft paste. Place the paste onto your sunburn and let it sit for five minutes before cleaning off the burn.