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About steak tips

You're in for a tasty treat when you cook with steak tips. Steak tips are very popular in the New England region of the United States. For backyard barbecues, kabobs, and stir-fries, steak tips are the choice cut of meat. On the West coast of the United States, you'll find a similar cut of meat, often called tri-tip steak.

These two cuts of meat are similar because they come from the loin or sirloin area, and because this part of the cow doesn't have many active muscle groups, the meat is tender and juicy. The difference is in how the meat is cut. Steak tips are cut lengthwise or cubed, while tri-tip usually comes in a triangular-shaped roast.

Steak tips are from the primal sirloin or round area of the cow. Of the eight main primal cuts, meat from the sirloin or short loin part is the most prized. This area of the cow or steer runs along the back by the spine between the round primal found at the rear of the animal and the chuck primal, the front shoulder area.

Sometimes you'll find expensive steak tips that are actually chunks of meat from the tenderloin sub-primal cut. However, true steak tips normally come from sirloin, and you'll see them by other names such as flap meat or flank steak. Visually, steak tips have a longitudinal grain, a bright red color, and a bit of marbled fat. Steak tips have a very meaty, earthy, beef flavor and because of their; loose texture and grain, the meat soaks up marinades and sauces for a flavorful dining experience.

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