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The Instacart guide to Melrose apples

Melrose Apples Near Me

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FAQs about Melrose apples

Melrose apples can last for several months, but they do start to go bad at some point. Some things to look out for in apples include soft spots, bruises, wrinkles in the skin, and brown flecks or holes. If the apple has a mushy texture when it's gripped firmly, it should probably be thrown out.

Melrose apple season typically begins around mid to late October, much like other popular apple types. Although the Melrose apple ripens in October, it doesn't reach its peak until after Christmas. This time is when the fruity aroma is noticeable. These apples keep until March or April on the tree and are considered good pollenizers for other apples. 

In many cases, you can use Melrose apples with spots and bruises for cooking. However, you should not use it if the primary part of the fruit is damaged. Be cautious if you see any mold spots, especially on apples that weren't stored properly. Those mold spots can make sensitive people, especially children with allergies and other respiratory problems. 

In some cases, Penicillium expansum develops, which produces mycotoxin patulin. If you consume this in large amounts, patulin can disrupt your gut and the healthy gut bacteria, resulting in bleeding ulcers and nausea. Over the long run, exposure to patulin can negatively affect your immune system, even increasing your risk of developing cancer at some point.