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Sprite Melons Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to sprite melon products

If you're looking to add a new melon to your rotation, you can't go wrong with the small but mighty sprite melon. With their cream-colored skin and white flesh that delivers hints of honeydew, pear, and watermelon, these small, grapefruit-sized melons make a delicious snack. When you're in the mood for sprite melons, you can make your day a little easier by ordering via Instacart!

Sprite Melons Near Me

Buy your favorite Sprite Melons online with Instacart. Order Sprite Melons from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about sprite melons

A whole melon yields about one cup of flesh. A serving of this size provides about 110 calories and more than the full recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This immune-system-boosting vitamin can aid in the healing process, protect against infections, help the body absorb folate and iron, and act as an antioxidant. Sprite melons are also a source of fiber and iron. They're low in sodium, low in fat, and cholesterol-free. Sprite melons have a sugar content that is about 25% to 30% higher than many other melons.

Small sprite melons are ideal for snacking, and they're perfect to use for desserts, as well. You can serve raw slices on their own, but they're also great added to smoothies, salads, and more.

Before you cut into a sprite melon, make sure to wash the outside rind very well using clean, running water. That's because the outside of a sprite melon, as with other melons, can have bacteria. Washing the melon before cutting helps you prevent the transfer of bacteria to the inside fruit.

To cut a sprite melon after washing, first, slice it in half. Then, scoop out the melon's seeds from the middle of each half. You can then slice the melon into wedges, or you can scoop out the flesh to use. Remember to refrigerate cut sprite melons until you're ready to serve them or use them in recipes.

You can save time and simplify the shopping experience by getting your favorite sprite melon products, including organic sprite melons, via Instacart. Fill your cart, then order sprite melons today with Instacart. The Instacart app is convenient and easy to use. Just choose your items, and an Instacart shopper will pick them up for you. You can even enjoy same-day delivery!