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The Instacart guide to oyster mushrooms

About oyster mushrooms

Among vegetables, mushrooms evoke a range of emotions. Some people are devotees; others can't stomach them, while still others could take them or leave them. Wherever you fall on that scale, there is no denying that mushrooms come with a sense of mystery. They are part of the fungal kingdom, which mostly exists underground and only a small portion of which is known to scientists.

One of the most popular mushrooms is the oyster mushroom, so named because it bears a resemblance to a shucked oyster. Here is everything you need to know about the delicious and nutritious oyster mushroom.

The oyster mushroom is one of the most common of all the edible mushrooms. It has a long and consistent growing cycle, making it available in supermarkets and at farm markets year-round. The oyster mushroom tends to peak, however, in mid-to-late summer, stretching into fall. 

Oyster mushrooms have a unique look. They come with a short stem but medium-to-large caps that vary in size from 5 centimeters to 25 centimeters. The edges tend to curl and even in later stages seem to appear wavy. Underneath the caps, you will find a well-developed set of gills. The proper color for oyster mushrooms ranges from gray, to brown and tan, to a pinkish-yellow. The oyster mushroom is firm and meaty, and because of its size, it typically requires some level of cooking preparation. 

People describe the oyster mushroom as having a mild, nutty flavor with a bittersweet aroma. The taste is often likened to anise. The mushroom grows in nature, typically around trees. It is often utilized in Asian-region cooking, playing a role in cuisines from Japan, China, and Korea. China, in fact, is the world's largest exporter of the oyster mushroom. 

Oyster Mushroom Near Me

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FAQs About Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms can be eaten as a meal; you will find many recipes online that will allow you to create a tasty dish such as pan-fried mushrooms mixed with garlic and green onions. They go well in pasta dishes, on hamburgers or other sandwiches, or, of course, on a variety of Chinese or other Asian dishes. You might have luck looking for polenta recipes featuring oyster mushrooms, or stir-fry dishes featuring chicken or other meats. Raw oyster mushrooms have about 28 calories, 3 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbohydrates, and absolutely no fat.

Oyster mushrooms were first discovered by a Dutch researcher in the late 1700s. As our knowledge of mushrooms in general, and oyster mushrooms specifically, has grown, scientists have found applications in medicine and the environment.

Oyster mushrooms are considered a "carnivorous mushroom," according to the Specialty Produce website. That means they are known to consume bacteria and other harmful organisms. Specialty Produce indicates that oyster mushrooms may offer an "alternative way to clean toxins from the environment" — though more study is definitely required.

Different varieties of mushrooms provide different taste profiles and dietary benefits. They are typically found in Asian markets but also larger groceries that keep up a good selection of fresh produce. 

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