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About Rainier cherries

Rainier cherries are selectively bred from a cross between Van and Bing cherries. Harold Fogle developed the Rainier cherry at Washington State University in 1952. They are named after Mountain Rainier in Washington, which is fitting given their large size. Rainier cherries are so beloved that July 11th is National Rainier Cherry Day. Rainier cherries have a very short season, less than two months each summer. July is the peak harvest time for Washington growers.

These cherries are considered a premier variety and have thin skin. Some people mistakenly think Rainier cherries are unripe cherries because they have some yellow flesh, but that is part of their signature color. The Rainier cherry has quite a sweet flavor, almost like a dessert. This candy-like sweetness comes from its higher Brix content, which means it contains more dissolved sugar.

Because these cherries are so sweet, they are great for desserts. You can use them in danishes, cheesecake toppings, compotes, cobblers, tarts, and more. You can even use them in ice cream or go simple and hand-dip them in chocolate for an easy yet decadent dessert. 

Achieving this sweetness is not easy. Cherries can be challenging to grow anyway, but Rainier cherries are even more difficult. The challenge with Rainier cherries is due in part to their delicate, thin skin that can bruise very easily. Weather fluctuations affect Rainier cherries more than some other varieties, and there is also the usual risk of birds. Growers must take extra precautions to keep Rainier cherries safe, including using windscreens and nets to keep birds out. Other techniques include reflective tape on tree branches and nest boxes. 

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