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The Instacart guide to whole snapper products

About whole snapper

Snapper is a reef fish most commonly harvested from the Gulf of Mexico, the South Atlantic, and the Caribbean. It has a bulgy look with a large mouth and big teeth. There are many different types of snapper, but what you find at the grocery store or restaurants is usually the red or yellowtail species. Snapper has a firm, lean texture with white flesh or a slightly tinted pink flesh if it's red snapper.

Red snapper is a popular fish with a mild and sweet taste that pairs well with many different flavors. It doesn't take much preparation, and it doesn't need to have many extra flavors added during cooking. The taste of the snapper can stand on its own, while some lemon, butter, and fresh chili peppers will enhance its already sweet flavor.

When shopping for whole snapper, it should have nice red skin and clear, bright eyes, which are a sign of fresh fish. Avoid the selection if you see cloudy eyes. Another way to determine if the fish is fresh is to look at the backbone. It should look bright and not have a dull color. If you can touch the fish, it should bounce back if you poke it.

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