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FAQs about Emmentaler

Production starts when cattle graze on hay and grass that gives Emmentaler cheese its distinct honeyed flavor. Natural rennet is added to copper steamers stuffed with raw cow milk, activating curd's formation. The curdled milk is segregated with whisks, planted in molds, and cleared of any excess milk byproduct. The molds are then seasoned and stored to age. To cultivate the classical eyes in the body, temperatures are kept warm. After about two months, the swiss takes up Emmentaler's characteristics.

Containing only milk from pasture, Emmentaler is fresh and lavished with flavor to have most versions gluten-free. No artificial fillers or essences are added. 

Being reproduced by several others, Emmentaler cheese remains a favorite among all cheeses. Hefty in flavor, Gruyere relates well to dishes that need Emmentaler cheese. Somewhat less fragrant, Emmentaler renders lots in taste and froze with ease. Presenting tones of pates and a dense, doughy body, Swiss cheese has similar textures and flavors as Emmentaler. The taste profile is honeyed with a smooth finish.