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The Instacart guide to strip roast products

About strip roasts 

The strip roast comes from some of the juiciest and most tender parts of beef, the backbone area. The strip roast steak is cut specifically from the loin.

If you ever find yourself buying a whole strip loin, not to worry. Here are some tips on how to cut it into steak pieces. Purchasing a whole strip loin is an excellent option as it gives you control over the final product you want in terms of thickness and the size of the fat cap. It could also be a more economical option than buying separate pieces of strip roast steak pieces.

All the equipment you will need is a sharp kitchen knife or a boning knife and basic butchering skills. An entire strip loin can be anywhere from ten to fifteen pounds. When cut this can yield between ten to twenty steaks. The pieces can later be frozen or vacuum-sealed and frozen for several months.

The first step is to dry the whole strip loin and the work surface carefully using paper towels. Now, trim the bottom side, removing excess connective tissue. Place the strip roast with the fat cap down when doing this. Make sure to remove all excess fat and connective tissue. Trim the fat cap both on the upper and lower sides. Mark the incision points where you will cut your loin.

Finally, cut the steaks with a long carving knife making sure never to run your knife back and forth as it will make an uneven boundary on the edges of your steak pieces. Repeat until you have carved the desired number of steak pieces.

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