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The Instacart guide to yellow squash

About yellow squash

Tender with a mild flavor, yellow squash can be found in all shapes and sizes. They reach their growth peak during the hottest weeks of summer. Closely related to zucchini, yellow squash is very adaptable in all types of cuisines and cooking styles. Grilling or roasting it brings out its natural sweetness. Yellow squash can also be sauteed in butter or olive oil for a simple side dish. Try roasting them and adding to pasta or serving alongside beef, chicken, or fish. They are also excellent when baked with other vegetables like zucchini, onions, and carrots.

Yellow squash blossoms are quite delicious to cook and eat. They are attached to yellow squash vegetables that are not yet mature but are still attached to the vine. These tasty flowers are often found in grocery stores and farmers' markets in late spring. A common way to serve them is to saute in olive oil and add them to pasta or soups. You can also fill them with cheese, batter them, and then deep-fry them.

Five types of yellow squash are commonly found at grocery stores:
  • Pattypan squash: Pattypan squash, also known as sunburst squash, can be found in various colors, from yellow or green to a combination of the two. They have scalloped edges and are smaller in size compared to typical yellow squash. They offer a nice crunch, making them perfect for chopping and adding to salads.
  • Yellow crookneck squash: Yellow crookneck squash has a bulb-shaped bottom and a slender neck that's curved at the top. It's harvested later than regular yellow squash in order to create its unique curved neck. It can be difficult to cut into rounds due to its shape. Try dicing, then steaming or frying for a colorful and healthy side dish.
  • Straight neck squash: This firm squash resembles a crookneck but without the unique curve at the top. It also has bumpy skin like the crookneck. Straight neck squash is best when harvested at 6 inches or shorter. It makes a great complement to green zucchini.
  • Zephyr squash: A zephyr squash is a hybrid between a yellow crookneck squash, delicata squash, and yellow acorn squash. It's a two-toned vegetable, light green on the bottom and yellow on the top, making it easily recognizable. While it's dense like pattypan squash, it is easier to cut or slice because of its shape. You can prepare zephyr squash just like you would any other yellow squash.
  • Yellow eight ball squash: This squash is round, which is why it's called an eight ball squash. It tastes just like a straight-neck yellow squash. The only difference is its circular shape. These yellow squash are perfect for stuffing and baking, giving you a different way to prepare and experience yellow squash.

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FAQs About Yellow Squash

To keep yellow squash as fresh as possible, when you get home from the grocery store, place them in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator for up to three days. 

Yellow squash is a firm vegetable with a mild flavor and tender flesh. Because their skins are thin, there's no need to peel them before cooking or eating. Whether you're preparing squash for cooking or chopping it to eat raw, be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Larger squashes can be cut into round slices or sliced into chunks for roasting or grilling. To add to salads or in casseroles, dice them up in small cubes. Smaller squashes can be kept whole and roasted or grilled. If you plan on stuffing them, cut them in half and hollow them out with a spoon.

Crookneck squash often has small bumps on the skin. This is typically the result of a mosaic virus within the plant and doesn't harm the vegetable at all. It's perfectly fine to eat bumpy squash.
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