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Ginger Gold Apples Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Ginger Gold apples

About Ginger Gold apples

Ginger Gold apples have pale yellow skin with slight brownish-colored patches throughout. The russeting or blushing is a slight color variation and not a sign of age. This early season apple variety varies in size but is usually somewhat cone-shaped, with ribs and longer than average stocks. It ripens in mid-to-late August and is a relative of the Golden Delicious variety of apples. 

Ginger Gold apples have a flavor profile similar to Golden Delicious, with a mild sweetness and slightly more tart than Golden Delicious. The sharp flavor found in the Ginger Gold apple gives a minor note of spiciness, much like ginger root, hence the moniker. The sweet apple has fine-textured flesh that does not brown as quickly as other varieties when cut, making it a prime candidate for plating and food design. They are available from early summer to late fall and can remain fresh for a couple of weeks when stored correctly.  

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FAQs About Ginger Gold Apples

The Ginger Gold apple is an excellent candidate for pies or puree as applesauce but is not suitable for freezing. While other apple varieties such as the Golden Delicious, York Imperial, Granny Smith, and Rome Beauty maintain their consistency and texture when frozen, the Ginger Gold loses the texture and freshness that makes it such a beloved variety. The freezing and thawing process also dulls the tart, sweet, and spicy flavor. For optimal benefits, use the Ginger Gold apple at peak freshness. If you must freeze Ginger Gold apples, do so only after cooking or baking and thaw and use as soon as possible. 

Ginger Gold apples, like many others, offer a variety of nutritional benefits. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber that contributes to digestive and circulatory health. When included within your regular diet, they also provide vitamin C, a component necessary for the growth, development, and repair of body tissue. Other essential nutrients include potassium and phytochemicals, which provide antioxidant elements to maintain a body's health. Because they are low in calories, sodium, fat, and cholesterol, they are a good snack option for many with special dietary needs. Lower in sugar than many other fruits, Ginger Gold apples can be a good dessert option for those who need to watch their sugar intake. 

It is safe for you to consume Ginger Gold apples either raw or cooked. Because their flesh does not brown as quickly after slicing as other apple varieties do, they are a favorite to use chopped in salads or as an ingredient in fresh fruit trays. You can select to include them in school lunches for a nutritious crunch instead of chips. You can include Ginger Gold in a green smoothie with spinach and banana. They are also a wonderful variety for drying or dehydrating, which you can then add to cereals or oatmeal. 

Ginger Gold apples are a versatile fruit that can maintain their shape after cooking. This makes Ginger Gold apples great for tarts or apple pies. Many people enjoy cooking then pureeing Ginger Gold apples to make smooth applesauce that is both sweet and spicy. Many prefer to use Ginger Gold to pair with trout and other seafood. The sweetness of the Ginger Gold apple pairs well with sharp white cheddar and tastes delicious when sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon and then baked. 
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