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The Instacart guide to arctic char fillets

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FAQs about arctic char fillets

Arctic char is known for its rich taste and lightly sweet flavor. When it comes to flavor profile, most people place arctic char somewhere between salmon and trout. It's slightly closer to trout in that arctic char has a relatively mild flavor with lightly fishy notes.

It's common to see comparisons between these two types of fish, as many people consider arctic char to be a more upscale and unusual substitute for salmon. Yet the two fish differ in several key ways:
  • Appearance: Both types of fish have silvery skin but can take on much bolder coloring when they spawn. Yet salmon have dark spots and fins with no edging, while arctic char have light spots and fins with white edges.
  • Habitat: Salmon and arctic char both move between fresh water and salt water in the North Atlantic region. However, arctic char remain in much more northern waters, as they live in the Arctic Circle.
  • Flavor: Arctic char has a trout-like flavor that's rich and fatty, which ensures that it remains relatively moist as you cook it. Salmon is often less rich and has a deeper flavor, with subtle differences depending on the type of salmon.

Arctic char is less plentiful than more common types of fish, such as salmon and tilapia. Because it's more rare than these other fish, arctic char is naturally more expensive. However, even if you're just comparing the prices of various arctic char fillets, you're likely to find a wide price range. Some types of arctic char are more expensive than others. For example, wild-caught arctic char is generally more expensive than the farmed variety, even though the flavor profiles are similar.

No matter the price of the arctic char fillets at your local supermarket, this type of fish is far from being the most expensive in the world. For example, bluefin tuna is consistently more expensive and is considered one of the priciest commercially available fish.