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About sturgeon

Large and imposing, sturgeons are a freshwater fish. They can be found in the temperate rivers of southern Russia and Ukraine, as well as in the lakes and rivers of North America. Sturgeons are a truly impressive fish to behold. Bony plates, called scutes, protect their heads and long bodies, and the sturgeon's distinctive tail fin is unique in that its lower lobe is shorter than its upper lobe.

Growing between seven to ten feet, these are enormous fish, but sturgeon can grow even larger on rare occasions. In fact, in 1827, the biggest female sturgeon ever recorded was caught in Russia's Volga Estuary. This monster fish was 24 feet long and weighed in over a whopping 3,000 lbs. This amazing catch is still the world record to this day.

While sturgeon may look fearsome, these large fish don't have any teeth. Sturgeons actually hunt for their prey on lake and river beds. They use sensitive barbels that hang from their mouths like whiskers to find their food. When they find their prey, which typically consists of shrimp, plants, aquatic insects, clams, and sludge worms, they stuck up their food like a vacuum.

Fishing for sturgeon is a popular pastime in North American, and these fish are mostly sought after for their flesh and their eggs, also known as roe. Sturgeon flesh is popular as it can be smoked, cooked fresh, or even pickled, but sturgeon roe is considered to produce the world's most delectable caviar.

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