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About Chioggia beets

Chioggia beets are not a root vegetable that is well-known or commonly seen in the United States. The interior is quite whimsical and colorful, with white and pink circles that resemble a target. Its similarity to a candy cane pattern is why it gets its other names like candy cane, bullseye beets, or candy stripe beet. They are an Italian variety originating in the town of Chioggia, in northern Italy, in 1840. Chioggia is located just outside of the Venice lagoon. Many vegetables originating in Italy take on the names of the towns where they were first produced.

Beets belong to the Amaranth family, which also include spinach, quinoa, and Swiss chard. The Chioggia beets became a popular root starting from the nineteenth century and have a mild earthy and sweet flavor. Chioggia beets are a cool-weather crop from fall and winter that are available year-round. The shape ranges from globular to oval with broad green leaves and thick red stems. The skin is rough and firm with a burgundy to dark red color with fine hairs. 

The flavor of Chioggia beets depends on whether it has been cooked or not. If it's raw, Chioggia beets are crunchy with a strong earth flavor, and if they have been cooked, the beets are tender and soft with a sweet and earthy flavor. Beets have become more popular in the United States, but the Chioggia beets are a bit more difficult to come by as they are more of a specialty beet. They are likely to be found in specialty stores and farmers' markets as they are gaining popularity in home gardens.

Cooking Chioggia beets is up to your imagination as they are quite versatile. You can boil, roast, braise, saute, or pickle the beets, as well as eat them raw in a salad or as a garnish. They make a colorful addition to a salad, a side with rice or meats, or as a mix with other vegetables. In order to maintain the beautiful color, many people add lemon juice or vinegar to the flesh. Since Chioggia beets have an earthy flavor, they pair well with fall and winter dishes like soups, roasted meats, cheeses, and vegetables. In the summer, Chioggia beets are great to eat raw in salads and dip in hummus or sauces. Some have even used Chioggia beets as part of desserts like brownies or cakes because of their unique color. 

If you're looking to try colorful Chioggia beets, you can look in the Instacart app and browse through various produce. Once you select what you want and fill your cart, complete your purchase, and an Instacart shopper will head to the store to fulfill your order. Order to make your day a little easier, and we'll aim to get your groceries delivered the same day!

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