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The Instacart guide to crookneck squash

About crookneck squash

The squash family of vegetables is both versatile and fruitful, serving as a nutritious food as well as producing items such as pumpkins that can be used for decoration around the house or even as a way of feeding wildlife. The larger family is known as "cucurbits," and in addition to squash and pumpkins, includes zucchini, gourds, and even melons. If it's summer, you might start hearing quite a bit about crookneck squash. Here's a primer on the beautiful bright yellow and uniquely shaped crookneck squash.

You don't need to wonder long about how the crookneck squash got its name. The vegetable presents with a bent neck and is distinct from a straight-necked yellow squash. Crookneck squash is considered an heirloom squash; as such, its praises are sung repeatedly by home gardeners. Crookneck squash is an abundant plant with a fruit that can be harvested repeatedly over the course of a summer. The plant just keeps growing.

Crookneck squash has a sweet-tasting, yellowish flesh that some describe as mild and buttery, with a hint of pepper or other spices. The vegetable typically grows to about 5- to 7-inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. Crookneck squash will sometimes exhibit a bumpy exterior, but that's not a blemish. It's a sign of a successfully harvested vegetable. 

The crookneck squash is often compared to and sold alongside the zucchini. It is rich in antioxidants, providing vitamins and minerals that defend against cancer and a good potassium and vitamin C source. It's also known to create compounds that help with eyesight and in the fight against heart disease.

Crookneck squash is intertwined with the history of colonial America. It traces its origins back to the early 1800s, but historical references suggest it could go back even further. The vegetable was later brought to Europe and is widely grown on that continent. 

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