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Canary Melons Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Canary melons

If you haven't had the opportunity to try a slice of the sweet and juicy Canary melon, it's definitely a fruit you should add to your shopping list. It's called a Canary melon due to its bright yellow color that resembles that of the well-known bird, the canary. Inside, the flesh is pale in color but oh so juicy. This melon is similar to both the Honeydew melon and Cantaloupe, being that it's from the same Cucumis Melo plant species. Its center has orange-colored seeds, and the rind is somewhat smooth with a waxy feel.

Also known as the Juan Canary, Winter, or Spanish melon, you'll find the unique Canary melon has a scent reminiscent of banana and pineapple. This melon has a long shelf-life after it's been picked, so you don't have to worry about eating it right away. Thanks to its mildly sweet yet tangy flavor, you can easily eat Canary melon all on its own, or add it to cold soups or fruit salads to enhance their flavor. You'll find Canary melons in stores from spring until fall, but they're most readily available during the summer months.

While the Canary melon is common in parts of Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Morocco, it's also grown in the United States. Farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley in California grow and sell this melon for consumption across the country. This particular fruit does best in arid climates with moderate to warm temperatures. It can be difficult to grow due to its susceptibility to disease and mildew.

Those who want to try the Canary melon for themselves can put one in their cart via the Instacart app. An Instacart shopper will choose a brightly colored Canary melon for you and deliver it to your door within 2 hours!

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FAQs about Canary melons

Wash your hands and the Canary melon to avoid cross-contamination with other foods you're preparing. Simply rinsing the Canary melon should be enough, but make sure that you never put the fruit in the refrigerator when it's wet. Let it sit out to dry before storing it. Uncut, whole Canary melons can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 15 days, depending on the variety and ripeness. Once you cut the Canary melon, you can refrigerate any unused portion for about three to four days, but throw out cut melon left at room temperature for over three hours.