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The Instacart guide to Fromage Blanc

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FAQs about Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc can be found in the yogurt section of most supermarkets.

Sauvignon Blanc goes well with Fromage Blanc due to its acidity and fruity taste. Ice wine and Rieslings also pair well.

It is produced differently in each country. In France, the filtering process that is used removes much of the moisture, which inhibits acidic growth, so it is sweeter than the American version. The American filtering system does not remove as much moisture, making it more acidic. That little bit of acid gives it a saltier taste.

Greek yogurt is a great substitute. It has a thicker consistency than regular yogurt because most of the whey is strained from it. This texture makes it closest to Fromage Blanc. Quark is another substitute and is the German version of Fromage Blanc. It is also made from cow's milk, which is warmed until it curdles. After it is strained, the texture is much like Fromage Blanc. It is popular because of its lower fat content than butter, so it is often used in eggs, toast, or mashed potatoes.