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The Instacart guide to Fromage Blanc

About Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc is a French word that means “white cheese.” It is made from cow's milk — either whole or skimmed milk — and is known for its creamy, soft texture. When Fromage Blanc is made from skimmed milk, cream is often added to improve the flavor. This silky cheese is made by heating the milk at a low temperature, adding certain cultures, and then  draining out the curds. The final product is a smooth and spreadable cheese with many uses.

Fromage Blanc has a similar texture to yogurt but is slightly thicker and has a mild citrus flavor. The taste is a combination of ricotta cheese and cream cheese but with much less fat content. Fromage Blanc is a versatile cheese. It can take the place of ricotta, sour cream, or cottage cheese. It is also a good substitute in recipes requiring yogurt and is a low-fat alternative to cream cheese. It can also be used to replace quark — a German cheese equivalent — in eggs, toast, and mashed potatoes.

Another way to enjoy Fromage Blanc is to bake it into quiches, cheesecakes, coffee cakes, or a variety of desserts such as brownies, cannolis, or tarts. It is available plain or in spiced variations with herbs such as rosemary and garlic added in.

Many people pair Fromage Blanc with a fruit spread and enjoy it on a bagel, biscuit, or piece of toast. The cheese becomes the first layer with the fruit spread layered on top. In addition to fruit spread, you can also try Fromage Blanc with honey, avocado spread, dates, scallions, or vegetables. Whether melting it an omelet or using it in mousse or sorbets, this light, smooth cheese pairs deliciously with many foods.

With its soft and creamy texture, Fromage Blanc works well with layering recipes like a parfait. Place crushed graham crackers or ginger snaps in a glass mug or jar. Add some fruit and Fromage Blanc and top it off with a chocolate or caramel sauce.

Fromage Blanc adds some variety to a charcuterie board. It is not a hard cheese like most and can be easily spread over fruits and breads, adding some diversity to the offerings. 

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FAQs About Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc can be found in the yogurt section of most supermarkets.

Sauvignon Blanc goes well with Fromage Blanc due to its acidity and fruity taste. Ice wine and Rieslings also pair well.

It is produced differently in each country. In France, the filtering process that is used removes much of the moisture, which inhibits acidic growth, so it is sweeter than the American version. The American filtering system does not remove as much moisture, making it more acidic. That little bit of acid gives it a saltier taste.

Greek yogurt is a great substitute. It has a thicker consistency than regular yogurt because most of the whey is strained from it. This texture makes it closest to Fromage Blanc. Quark is another substitute and is the German version of Fromage Blanc. It is also made from cow's milk, which is warmed until it curdles. After it is strained, the texture is much like Fromage Blanc. It is popular because of its lower fat content than butter, so it is often used in eggs, toast, or mashed potatoes.
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