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The Instacart guide to lobster mushroom products

About lobster mushrooms

Despite its name, a lobster mushroom isn't actually a mushroom at all, but rather a fungus. Lobster mushrooms occur when a fungus grows on a certain species of mushroom. When this happens, the mushroom forms a reddish-orange crust, which is where the lobster mushroom gets its name. Not only is the color of the lobster mushroom similar to a lobster, but when cut open, it produces a subtle smell of seafood.

A raw lobster mushroom has a spongy interior, but it's meaty once cooked. The flavor of a lobster mushroom is similar to an actual lobster, but it's also woody and nutty. This flavor pairs perfectly with white wine. Lobster mushroom also complements the flavors of potatoes, orzo, lemon, garlic, ginger, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions. Lobster mushroom doesn't have a strong flavor, but the flavor can be brought out when dried. Drying lobster mushroom also extends its shelf life.

A lobster mushroom grows in forested areas in North America during the summer and fall. This food should not be eaten raw, but it tastes delicious when pan-fried or sauteed. Moist cooking methods are preferred for larger lobster mushrooms. Chopping lobster mushrooms into chunks and tempura frying them is a popular and delicious preparation method.

If you want to get more creative, you can add lobster mushroom to pasta, chowder, or seafood dishes. The flavor of lobster mushrooms can also be more pronounced when prepared with other mushrooms or seafood. Be careful not to overcook lobster mushroom, as this weakens the flavor and makes the texture more tough and chewy.

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