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The Instacart guide to SweeTango apples

About SweeTango apples

The trademarked name SweeTango was given to the cultivated apple Minneiska by its owner, the University of Minnesota. As a regulated product, the SweeTango apple has exclusive territories in which it can be grown. A cooperative formed by the University of Minnesota has sold the rights to select farmers within these regions to grow SweeTango apples. At first, the rights were held strictly in Minnesota, but they have since expanded to other northern regions in the United States.

SweeTango apples are a cross between Honeycrisp and Zestari. They have yellow skin with a pink to red blush. The flavor is described as something between brown sugar and spiced apple cider, with a sweet-tart taste, an unusually crisp texture, and above-average juiciness. It was bred for its combination of 20 distinct fruit characteristics, including an earlier ripening season and its marked crispness, resulting from a larger cell structure than most apples. This specifically designed fruit has a longer than normal storage life, holding its texture and flavor.

The origin of the SweeTango apple dates back to a grafted tree in 1988 and was later refined by the University of Minnesota in 1999. After its release in 2006, it was made available to the public the following year, but it wasn't until 2009 that the first SweeTango apple was sold in the United States. 

Apples fruit early, and the SweeTango falls in line with a harvest that starts between late August and early September. It ripens later than its father, the Zestari, and sooner than its mother, the Honeycrisp. You can pick them from certain orchards during this time, or you can wait till they arrive at your local grocery store in mid-September. They generally cost more than most apples due to their growing restrictions, but many believe the unique flavor is worth the price.

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FAQs About Sweetango Apples

Apples naturally produce a thin, wax-like film to prevent moisture loss and protect against invasive pests like insects. This film has a milky-white color and is harmless. You can easily wipe it off with a clean cloth and return the SweeTango to a lustrous shine. Some farmers apply a synthetic wax coating after harvest to further protect the apples during storage and shipping. Most synthetic waxes are made from natural ingredients found in plants. However, some of these waxes are made in laboratories from synthetic polymers and petroleum-based products.

As long as you wash your apples before eating, the skin has no harmful side effects. In fact, the apple's skin has the highest concentration of nutrients. Studies show that consuming an apple with the skin on will provide up to 50% more phytonutrients than one eaten without the skin. Furthermore, these studies have found that these nutrients help prevent cancer, improve heart health, fight certain inflammatory diseases, and are linked to improved brain function.
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