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About Spartan apples

The Spartan apple is a small yet sweet fruit, a "McIntosh" style apple that originated in British Columbia. Its skin ranges from bright red to dark purple, depending on how long it stays on the tree. With an aromatic and juicy flesh, the Spartan has a well-balanced sweet-tart flavor. If you're thinking of planting trees on your property, the Spartan apple is a great beginner tree. It's resistant to mildew and yields reliable crops each year.

The Spartan apple is a member of the Rose family, also known as Rosaceae. It was developed as part of a formal scientific breeding program at the Canadian Apple Research Station in Summerland, British Columbia, by agricultural breeder R.C. Palmer in the 1920s. One of its parent apples is the McIntosh, but the other is still unknown. It was thought to be the Newtown Pippin, but recent DNA tests have ruled out this apple variety.

When the Spartan was introduced commercially, it quickly became a very popular apple variety in British Columbia. It produces a large amount of small, attractive-looking apples that are perfect for snacking. Today, it can be found in orchards across Oregon, Washington State, California, and Europe. The Spartan is also one of the only North American apples that can be grown in the United Kingdom. Spartan apples are available commercially in the fall and early winter.

Like all other apples, the Spartan has several nutritional benefits. It is low in calories and high in water content. It also contains high amounts of vitamins A, C, and B. With their high levels of folate and fiber, Spartan apples promote a healthy heart.

Along with these health-boosting benefits, apples also carry these positive health advantages:
  • Lower high cholesterol and blood pressure. Studies have shown that as an individual eats more apples, their risk of cardiovascular disease lowers. Spartan apples are filled with soluble fiber, which can prevent cholesterol from building up within the lining of blood vessels.
  • Improves digestion. Eating foods with fiber, including Spartan apples, helps to improve digestion. The fiber slows digestion down, helping you feel full. It also allows glucose to be digested slowly, which controls blood sugar levels.
  • Supports a healthy immune system. A diet rich in fiber can build up your immunity. Fiber aids in converting immune cells from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory. They also contain vitamin C, which helps to increase your resilience to disease.
  • Reduces effects of diabetes. It's a misconception that those diagnosed with diabetes can't eat fruit. In several studies, the fiber found in Spartan apples has been found to reduce insulin resistance, improve blood sugar levels, and improve triglyceride levels.

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FAQs About Spartan Apples

Spartan apples tend to remain sweeter when they are placed in cold storage, ideally, between 30 and 35 F. If you only have a few apples, you can store them on a fruit basket on your counter for a few days. Otherwise, it's best to place them in a crisper drawer in your refrigerator. First, you should put the apples in a plastic bag with holes in it or simply cover the apples with a moist paper towel.

Spartan apples are great for cooking as they hold up well in baked recipes like pies, crumbles, and pastries. They are also very tasty when juiced or used to make apple cider. If you're looking for a complement to Spartan apples, foods that work well with this fruit variety are blue cheese, cranberries, walnuts, pork, ginger, cloves, and rosemary.
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