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The Instacart guide to German pilsner

About German pilsner

German pilsners are typically very pale in color, similar to the color of straw, and they have a sweet malty flavor and smell. They may also have a bread-like taste similar to sourdough, biscuits, or crackers. Brewers sometimes add in an herbal, fruity or floral scent or taste to their German pilsners, while others use a yeast strain that produces a scent that resembles sulfur or butter. A German pilsner is the sort of drink you can enjoy on any occasion, whether it's at a family barbecue or an upscale party with your colleagues. 

They have a lower level of bitterness from hops when compared to other types of pilsner, averaging around 26 international bittering units (IBU). German pilsners can taste dry, bright, refreshing, or crisp. Brewers tend to focus the taste of German pilsners on the hops they use, even when sweet malt or citrus flavors are added in. They often have less alcohol, around 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), and less sugar than other drinks.

Some call German pilsners "pils" for short, and some spell pilsner as "pilsener" because it was originally created in the Czech region in the mid-1800s. This drink also has a long history in the United States. Some of the earliest breweries in the country were founded by German immigrants who brought over their style of brewing German pilsners. Since then, American brewers have experimented with new flavor profiles and methods of creating this traditional German drink, to the point where some distinguish certain types of pilsners brewed in the U.S. as American-style pilsners.

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