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The Instacart guide to lamb shank

About lamb shank

Lamb shanks come from the leg bone, just above the knee, and considered one of the most flavorful lamb portions. The leg muscles of lamb constantly get used, creating a tough and sinewy shank that needs slow-cooking techniques to make it fork-tender. 

Any sheep less than a year old qualify as a lamb. Any lamb less than 3 months old can be considered a Spring lamb. As the age of an animal tends to affect the meat's flavor, the same remains true with lamb. Spring lamb is more tender than lamb but much milder in flavor. Lamb has very little fat and the color of the meat ranges from red to pink. 

Any sheep older than one year gets called mutton. In the United States, mutton doesn't enjoy the same popularity as other countries, specifically those around the Mediterranean Sea. Ideally, mutton reaches the age of 3 years old before going to market. It possesses a robust flavor, a generous amount of fat content, and intense red coloring.

Greek, Italian, French, and Moroccan cultures love lamb shank because of its bold, gamey flavors. Seasoning in these parts of the world includes herbs like mint, rosemary, clove, and cinnamon that hold up well and compliment the meat's natural flavor.

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FAQs About Lamb Shank

Lamb has little fat and lots of tough muscle, which requires low temperatures and extended cooking times to achieve tenderness. Braising lamb shank offers the best way to preserve a juicy and tender final product. The liquid used to braise the lamb contains the rendered marrow from the bone and should be used to make an accompanying sauce.

No, most chefs agree that keeping the meat on the bone results in much better flavor and presentation. The lamb shank has a thin white membrane you can trim off if you want, but it will melt away on its own during cooking and contributes to the flavor. If you are stewing the lamb shank, wait until the meat falls off the bone on its own. At this time, you can shred or cut the lamb shank meat into bite-sized pieces for serving. After removing the meat from the bone, you can discard the bone before serving.

Any attempt to pan-fry or sauté a lamb shank and immediately serve will result in a tough, chewy piece of meat. You can season a lamb shank and sauté it briefly before the braising process. This sear gives the final lamb shank a deeper, more rich flavor.
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