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The Instacart guide to cod steaks

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FAQs about cod steaks

While cod steaks are great for a wide variety of recipes, they're far from the only cuts of cod you can purchase. If you like the taste and qualities of cod but want to try a different preparation method, consider fillets or loins instead.

Whether you want to bake or fry cod, fillets are a great choice. Fillets essentially make up the flesh of the cod, and you can create them by slicing the fish parallel to the spine. Cod fillets tend to be moist and tender, and they're ideal with simple lemon and butter or a more intensely flavorful glaze.

Similar to beef or pork tenderloins, cod loins are the juiciest and most tender cuts you can purchase. The loin comes from the middle of the fillet, which most people consider the most succulent part of the cod. It bakes up beautifully while maintaining a flaky texture.

Some types of fish and meat require tenderizing to help them cook more easily and prevent the finished product from being overly tough or rubbery. You never have to tenderize cod because it cooks relatively quickly while remaining moist and flaky. However, you can tenderize cod steaks prior to cooking to help them become flaky more quickly.

Marinating is a great option because it tenderizes the steaks while infusing them with flavor. Marinade recipes can span a wide spectrum, depending on which spices you use and what flavor profile you want to achieve. No matter what type of flavor you want, a typical marinade would include vinegar and citrus juice, along with the seasonings you select.

You can enjoy some types of red-meat fish — such as tuna and salmon — medium-rare or even completely raw. However, white-meat fish such as cod, haddock, and tilapia should be cooked completely. Cod won't achieve its flaky texture unless you cook it all the way through. That's why it's always best to use a meat thermometer to ensure that you've cooked your cod steaks to an internal temperature of 145 degrees.