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The Instacart guide to bottom round roast 

Bottom Round Roast Near Me

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FAQs about bottom round roast

The keywords to look for are "bottom round." This meat may be labeled in a variety of different ways. It could be on signs in the store as bottom round pot roast, bottom round rump roast, round roast, or by a variety of other names. You may see other rounds labeled as "top round," but those are typically a bit more on the expensive side and much more conducive to cooking as a steak.

The answer depends ultimately on you and your family and your cooking knowledge. If you are looking to put steaks on the grill for the evening, stay away from the bottom round. Top round tends to be a bit more tender meat. You will often see top round used in menu items that are described as "London broil." Top round is also commonly used for Swiss steak. Both top and bottom round respond well to roasting and provide a delicious source of protein.

You will discover some delicious-sounding recipes online. These include braised beef with almond sauce, which includes a dry rub of paprika, black pepper, salt, and dried marjoram; slow-cooked beef round roast, which marinates over the course of eight hours in the slow cooker with bay leaves and garlic; bottom round roast with herb butter; garlic and herb bottom round roast; and the classic beef pot roast, where the meat stews with vegetables and potatoes over a period of hours. 

The bottom round roast can provide leftover meals for days. The meat slices nicely for use on sandwiches, which you can cover with spicy mustard or horseradish.