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The Instacart guide to rack of lamb

About rack of lamb

A rack of lamb, also known as Carre D'agneau, is a cut of lamb from the portion perpendicular to the spine. Rack of lamb is a section of 8 ribs that have the loin meat still attached. It's the equivalent cut as a bone-in prime rib of beef or pork crown roast. The difference is that lamb loins are much more narrow. A full rack includes 16 ribs, though most retailers sell a single side that has only 8. At retail, a whole rack may sell as a "double rack of lamb," with both sides of ribs. It's not uncommon for two French-trimmed racks to sell together, with the ribs interlocked in a configuration known as a "guard of honor." 

Frenched rack of lamb has the fat and meat removed from the bones for presentation, whereas cutting the rack of lamb apart creates individual-sized chops, called lollipop lamb chops. While preparing lamb chops, soak them in lemon juice with vinegar and water. Leave them to soak fully submersed for approximately 5 minutes before washing with cold water. Two racks serve approximately 3-4 people, along with sides and appetizers. Some racks have more meat than others and may feed up to 5 people.  

Tying two or three lamb racks into a circle makes a "crown roast of lamb." These roasts are a delicious and succulent alternative to traditional pork and beef dishes. Stuffing a crown roast with cooked ground lamb adds flavor and helps to make a more hearty serving. Some families prefer to decorate the bone tips with paper frills known as manchettes. The word loosely translates to "cuff," an appropriate name considering manchettes sit at the end, similar to a shirt's cuff. The bones can look a little off-putting to some people, who might prefer decorating them for presentation. 

 Crown roasts are a versatile dish that serves well with various types of sides, including:
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Baked potatoes.
  • Rice.
  • Chopped salad with feta.
  • Butternut roasted parmesan on green beans.

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FAQs About Rack of Lamb

Depending on personal tastes, you can serve a rack of lamb to varying doneness, including medium-rare, medium, and well. When prepared medium-rare, the meat will still look relatively pink inside, which can be safe as long as the internal temperature reads 130 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Lamb is high in unsaturated fatty acids known to be helpful for diets. Therefore, lamb can be a go-to for someone trying to lose weight or build muscle mass. Rack of lamb is also a high-quality protein source but does not contain many vitamins or minerals like iron and zinc or B-12. Eating lamb may support muscle growth and prevent conditions like anemia.

Lambs are primarily grass-fed, giving the meat a distinctive flavor. Its robust and pastoral flavor stems from branched-chain fatty acids (BCFAs) in the animal's fat. Some species contain more BCFAs than others, but diet largely influences these compounds. Australian and New Zealand lambs graze solely on grass their entire lives and have the most BCFAs in their fat. American lambs eat grain, which lessens the concentration of BCFAs, making their meat sweeter and more robust.
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