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The Instacart guide to Roussane

Roussane is a white grape that produces a strong white wine with flower scents, spices, and nuts. The grape ripens later and gives it the silky flavor of the Roussane wine. The wine is a bit different from your regular white wines as it has bold flavors that are often present in red wine and the delicate essence of white wine. The grape also gives a wine that pairs well with many foods, so matching dishes with Roussane will not be hard. Its versatile nature in mixing flavors and aging in the cellar make Roussane a classy white wine to try.

Roussane is found mostly in southern France, and it's blended with other white wines like Marsanne and Grenache Blanc. This grape is mostly used as a blending component to make wines but can also be its own standalone wine. Roussane is blended in the Southern Rhone with Grenache Blanc, where the contrast of sweeter Roussane flavors blend with the crisp richness of the Grenache Blanc. In Northern Rhone, Roussane is blended with Marsanne. Marsanne has an oily and rich texture, while the Roussane adds acidity and aroma.

Since Roussane is a key ingredient in the white wines of the Rhone Valley, its versatility can also be seen when it's used to blend with other grapes to produce the sparkling wines Saint-Peray, Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, and Crozes-Hermitage, all white sparkling wines from the northern Rhone valley in France. There are also well-known full Roussane wines like Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc Vieilles Vignes from Chateau Beaucastel and Sine Qua Non, a California producer known for its expensive Roussane wines. With so many white wines to choose from, Roussane is a Rhone Valley classic that is a great option for those looking to buy a versatile white wine to drink.

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FAQs about Roussane

There's no need to decant Roussane to enjoy its aromas and flavors.

Roussane is best served at a temperature range of 45-55°F/7-12°C.