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The Instacart guide to Kumato tomatoes 

About Kumato tomatoes 

Kumato tomatoes are easily recognizable by their signature brown color. The word "Kumato" is a trademarked name for this specific cultivar of tomato that was developed in Spain. These are not genetically modified tomatoes. Instead, they were created using traditional plant breeding methods and natural cultivation techniques.

These visually intriguing tomatoes date back to the 1970s in the village of Agra. The son of a tomato farmer discovered the tomatoes at the end of the lines were different in color and had a sweeter flavor. Those tomatoes received less water than others, contributing to the interesting color and intense flavor. This young boy set out to grow his own tomato that would have a unique color and more intense flavor. 

Today, Kumato tomatoes are grown in Spain, Belgium, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, and even Canada. The varying climatic conditions and locations ensure there will be Kumato tomatoes available all year long. You may also find Mini Kumato tomatoes that are grown in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Kumato tomatoes have a slightly brown hue, or they may be golden green, and they are sweet, succulent, and even a little tart on the palate. While complex with their sweet and bitter flavor profile, Kumato tomatoes are very tasty. Their firm texture also makes them great for salads.

Before Kumato tomatoes reach the grocery store shelves, they undergo a rigorous quality inspection and packaging process. Kumato tomatoes are only handled, packaged, stored, and transported in temperature-controlled hygienic environments. They only use methods that comply with the international health standards for industrial premises.

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FAQs About Kumato Tomatoes

When they're uncut, you can keep them for around two weeks at room temperature. You should not put uncut Komato tomatoes in the refrigerator since the loss of fructose from the cold will reduce their flavor. If you cut them into slices, then you can store them in a hermetically sealed plastic container.

The quality of a tomato comes from its growing conditions and variety, not the color. These special plants always produce very dark and sweet fruit. This is because they have a higher "Brix level" than other tomatoes. The Brix level refers to the amount of fructose in the Kumato tomato, which is naturally higher than the standard red tomatoes you are used to getting in the grocery store or at a farmers market.

No, there are no genetic modifications with Kumato tomatoes. Natural growing techniques and some creativity are responsible for their existence. Their origins are rooted in wild tomatoes that grow spontaneously and have adapted over time to withstand the salty and dry conditions you often find along the Mediterranean. Wild tomatoes aren't new, they have been around for millions of years.
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