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The Instacart guide to Gouda

Gouda is semi-hard/hard cheese and is known for its creamy texture with a hint of a nutty flavor. It is a dense cheese and has a springy texture. Gouda can be paired with crackers, bread, or sweet fruits like apples, pears, or peaches and is delicious in a fondue or on a sandwich.

Gouda has been produced throughout the Netherlands since the twelfth century and is a very popular cheese. Although Gouda cheese did not originate in Gouda, Netherlands, the city was one of the few places where cheese producers and merchants could purchase and sell during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Farmers throughout the Netherlands made their cheese and brought it to market, a tradition that continues to this day. Today, Gouda cheese is produced in several countries and accounts for about half of the world's cheese consumption.  

Gouda is made from cow's milk. Hot milk is put into a vat with a starter culture and rennet. Thick curd develops and is cut and stirred to create the right substance.  Some of the liquid whey is then removed. The curds are then pressed into circular molds to get rid of extra moisture and dropped into a brine bath which is a bath in saltwater. The salt from the brine slows down undesired bacterial activity and enhances the well-known Gouda flavor. Once the cheese dries, it is coated in wax and aged for differing amounts of time, depending on the type of Gouda desired. 

Smoked Gouda is also available, and when produced, it is still smoked in ancient brick ovens over smoldering hickory chip embers. It has a nuttier flavor and pairs well with beer, and can also be served with nuts, fruits, and dark chocolate. Smoked Gouda also goes well with sandwiches and hamburgers.

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FAQs about Gouda

Not how you think. It is pronounced “GAOW-duh” or ”HOW-duh”.

In older/more matured Gouda cheeses, these white substances are bits of an amino acid called tyrosine. If you enjoy a well-aged Gouda, this is a certain sign it is an older Gouda.

Edam is another Dutch semi-hard cheese. It is nutty, sweet, and dense like Gouda. Muenster cheese also has a sweet and nutty flavor like Gouda. It is very mild and has a smooth texture. Cheddar offers a similar density and texture, but is not as sweet and has a buttery texture.