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Castlefranco Radicchio Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Castelfranco radicchio

Castlefranco Radicchio Near Me

Buy your favorite Castlefranco Radicchio online with Instacart. Order Castlefranco Radicchio from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about Castelfranco radicchio

Flavors like red wine vinegar, balsamic oil, citrus juices, and olive oil are good choices for making a salad with radicchio. The bitterness of the radicchio also goes well with a creamy cheese or a strong Parmigiano cheese, while other lettuce leaves mostly complement the bitterness of the radicchio. A hearty and fatty ingredient like pancetta or bacon also cuts through any of the bitterness of the Castelfranco radicchio and is a good pair to use in salads, risotto, and pasta.

Regular radicchio is completely purple, while Castelfranco is mostly white with green colors and purple spots. Regular radicchio is also much more bitter than the Castelfranco, making it a better candidate to grill and cook with than Castelfranco. The latter's buttery flavor lends it more than the purple radicchio, to be eaten raw like lettuce.

The Castelfranco radicchio is made up of a lot of water content so eating this vegetable will keep you hydrated. It also contains vitamin C which is important in repairing body tissue, as well as vitamin K which is important for brain health and heart health. It also contains plenty of antioxidants which help to repair cell damage in the body and there's potassium and calcium in radicchio. Potassium helps muscle function and recuperation, while calcium is important for bone health. Castelfranco radicchio is full of vitamins and minerals that help the general health and is low in calories.