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Finger Limes Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to finger lime products

Finger Limes Near Me

Buy your favorite Finger Limes online with Instacart. Order Finger Limes from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about finger limes

Finger limes get their name because they are similarly sized and shaped like fingers. They grow only about 3 inches in length and an inch thick.

Yes. The finger lime is a rich source of vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants in human cell protection. Vitamin E is responsible for the prevention of many diseases, including certain types of cancer. The finger lime has more than three times the amount of vitamin C than mandarines. Vitamin C provides a boost to the immune system and helps bones and teeth stay strong. 

Finger limes are an excellent source of folate and potassium. Potassium helps the body remove sodium and softens blood vessels. Together, these two features can help lower blood pressure naturally. Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is crucial in the early pregnancy stages for healthy fetal development and reduces the risk of congenital disabilities to the brain and spine.

This native Australian fruit tree is an imported species to the United States. Finger limes thrive in many regions that grow citrus fruits, including Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana. The finger lime tree will produce decades worth of delicious fruit.

If you need to buy finger limes, you can save time shopping for them using the Instacart app. The process is quick and easy. Add the finger limes to your cart and pay. After checkout, an Instacart shopper will prepare your order for in-store pickup in as little as 2 hours! In some cases, your finger limes might qualify for same-day home delivery!