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About water spinach

Water spinach, also called swamp spinach or river spinach, grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. It's used extensively in cuisines in tropical countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This vegetable works great in soups, stir-fries, and other dishes where a green, mild flavor would benefit a recipe. 

Water spinach is a semi-aquatic or herbaceous aquatic plant that grows with no or little supervision. In fact, it grows so fast that it's considered invasive in some states in the U.S. where it's been introduced. However, in many countries in Southeast Asia where it's used in a variety of dishes, the vegetable is never invasive. Conversely, it's perceived as a culinary blessing, as it grows so quickly and is therefore sold cheaply. 

Water spinach has a creeping growth habit, but they may grow erect in water. There are two major cultivars of water spinach. The first one is the Ching Quat (also called "green stem" water spinach), which has white flowers and narrow leaves and is typically grown in moist soils. The other one is Pak Quat (also called "white stem" water spinach), which has pink flowers and arrow-shaped leaves and is cultivated in aquatic conditions, similar to rice. All varieties of water spinach have hollow stalks from which the leaves grow. Both leaves and stalks are edible. 

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